About Us

Our Mission

Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action) works to promote resource democracy, social justice and human rights in the sectors of energy, mining, the environment and climate change, trade and public budgets. We engage in research and monitoring, popular education and advocacy in solidarity with communities, activists and scholars working to promote social change in Nigeria and other countries in the Gulf of Guinea region of Africa

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote platforms with the aim at encouraging change towards better democratic practices, people-oriented policy, improved livelihoods and human rights and advancing solutions to environmental and social problems.

Our Vision

The vision of Social Action is to build a democratic order in which communities of conscious citizens contribute to and benefit from building of just societies and an environment adequate for production and sustenance of life.

 Our strategic goals

Building networks of solidarity and action among citizens groups
Supporting community participation in development
Investing in popular education to create alternative visions for social change
Monitoring for impact on policies and practices
Supporting movements for social change