Social Action’s partners EDOCSO inspects second batch of Edo State Government food bank supply in Edo South

Social Action’s partners in Edo State, the EDOCSO, on 5th May, 2020, carried out inspection of the second batch of food bank supply in Edo South, earmarked by the State Government to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the people of the state.

In line with its mandates to promote good governance, social justice and human rights, the network embarked on another round of inspection of the second batch of food bank delivery of Edo state government to Edo South. The network has been at the forefront of monitoring the supply and distribution of relief materials in the 192 wards of the state with reports of inconsistencies in some instances during the first batch distribution.

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Citizens turn out for screening as Edo State sets up 10 screening centres

With the number of confirmed cases of persons infected with coronavirus rising in Edo State, the State Government had to rise up to the occasion as it set up 10 screening centres for citizens of the State. These centres are spread across Oredo Local Government Area of the State as a pilot phase to actualise the government’s target of testing 500,000 persons. In her bid to monitor and ascertain the operations of the centers, Edo Civil Societies Organisations, EDOCSO (a partner with Social Action in Edo State) set up a special adhoc team, headed by Omobude Agho.

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Citizens taking advantage of one of the COVID-19 Screening Centres in Edo State

In the fact-finding mission embarked by EDOCSO, it was observed that, many Edo people are turning up for the screening exercise to ascertain their status. The procedures involve basic medical analysis to determine possible affected person for onward referral or otherwise. This is a measure put in place by the state government to mitigate against the spread of the deadly virus in the state. Members of the monitoring team also submitted themselves for the screening process in the course of the activity while the monitoring continued.


CSO Situation Room observes apathy towards COVID-19, amidst heightened insecurity in Akwa Ibom State

A cross-section of people at a market in Akwa Ibom State after the lockdown was lifted

For almost the entire month of April, Akwa Ibom State was on a lockdown imposed by the State Government as a way of checkmating the spread of coronavirus, following the announcement of its first confirmed case on April 1, 2020. The lockdown which commenced on April 2, 2020 lasted till the end of the month, within which period, over 1,000 persons were arrested for violating the stay-at-home order and taken to a Magistrate Court within their senatorial district for trial. But it soon became clear to the public, that the government’s lockdown order was not achieving the ultimate objective of keeping people alive and preventing death, as many poor people became exposed to imminent death from acute hunger, with the continued shutdown of the State’s economy. This made very many people agitated and their apathy towards the fight against the pandemic grew as the lockdown progressed.

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CSO COVID-19 Situation Room observes dwindling livelihoods in Bayelsa State

Trading activities in a market in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State in the face of the partial lockdown declared by the state government

As the scourge of the pandemic rages on across the world, residents of Bayelsa State in Nigeria remain apprehensive about the prospects of their livelihoods and general wellbeing. Bayelsa, being an oil-rich state has experienced firsthand, the negative impact COVID-19 has had on the global oil market. The dwindling oil revenue accruable to the State, coupled with a noticeable lull in business activities within the state have adversely affected the livelihoods of the majority of the State’s inhabitants who are mainly into petty trading, small-scale fishery and artisanal work.

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Bayelsa CSO COVID-19 Situation Room embarks on massive sensitisation.

CSO COVID-19 Situation Room distributing flyers and hand sanitisers to members of the public in Bayelsa State

The COVID-19 Situation Room which is a coalition of Civil Society groups including Social Action, set up to monitor government’s response to the pandemic and provide support in creating massive awareness amongst the populace, has visited different communities in the State to monitor people’s response to the pandemic and create awareness about it. The Situation Room embarked on a massive outreach in various communities to enlighten the people of Bayelsa State on the risks posed by the coronavirus and the need to prevent getting infected by adhering strictly to all stipulated safety measures such as keeping safe distance from others, regular washing of the hands, frequent use of the hand sanitiser, wearing of face mask in public, eating healthy meals and engaging in physical exercises regularly.

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Human Rights Violations During COVID-19 Lockdown In Nigeria

Members of Rivers State taskforce enforcing market closure crammed in an open van without any form of protection

The measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19 is taking a toll on Nigerians. Exacerbating the impacts is the attitude of security agencies enforcing social distancing measures. Social Action supported Civil Rights Councils (CRCs) documents cases of violation of the rights of the people and even outright killing of innocent citizens by security personnel.

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Civil Society’s Role In Nigeria’s COVID-19 Response

Distribution of food items by Rivers State Government to palliate the effect of the stay at home order

By Mercy Christopher, Project Officer, Social Action.

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has heralded unprecedented frictions in almost all aspects of life. The pandemic, however, seems more ominous in Africa despite the lower cases recorded in the continent thus far. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has projected a devastating health impact of the Corona Virus with confirmed cases projected to rise to 10 million and at least 300,000 deaths within the next 3-6 months(BBC, 2020).

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Bayelsa CSOs/Media Covid-19 Situation Room Launched in Yenagoa


Social Actions in partnership with the Bayelsa Non-Governmental Organization Forum (BANGOF) and with the support of the Co-Chairs of Bayelsa State Task Force on COVID-19 set up the CSOs/Media Covid-19 Situation Room in the state. The Situation Room is the bid to support government’s and the citizens’ efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic through information dissemination, public enlightenment and advocacy. The Situation Room monitors government policies and citizens compliance in the face of the pandemic in Bayelsa State.

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