Beyond Boko Haram: looking at the Lake Chad Basin, climate change and the ecological crisis in the Sahel


With the Sahel region of Nigeria experiencing some of the worst forms of poverty and violence in the world, a roundtable conference organised by Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action) will contribute to promoting awareness about the urgency of the ecological and development issues that provide a background to the crises. Academics, civil society actors, representatives of government agencies, pastoral and farming communities will meet in Abuja, the federal capital on 29 November 2016 to share insight and experiences on the theme of the conference: Addressing the Crisis of the Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin: Developing a Pan-Nigerian Civil Society Agenda.

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Social Action Trains 150 in Social Activism


As part of its Popular Education programme aimed at social awareness, building skills and creating spaces for citizens’ actions towards social change, Social Action has trained over 150 young activists on various social advocacy expertise and tools. The training took place at the Nigeria Social Action Camp 2016 which held in Benin City between 13th and 17th September 2016. 

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OUR PATIENCE IS RUNNING OUT ON GAS FLARING – Delta Communities Warn Nigerian Government; Petition U.N.


Women and men from over 20 Communities in Delta State Nigeria, have charged the Nigerian government to urgently take steps to put an end to the continued degradation of their environment, rights violation and destruction of their health and livelihood sources through continued gas flaring by oil and gas companies in the area or be prepared to face strong resistance to this evil act by community men and women.

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Social Action Engages Edo Governorship Candidate on Transparency and Accountability


In line with its mandate to ensure that government policies meet the needs of citizens in a transparent and accountable manner, Social Action and partner Edo Civil Society Organizations Forum organized a citizens’ town hall meeting aimed at providing an opportunity for citizens to interact with candidates seeking election to the office of governor of Edo state. Top on the agenda was to extract commitment from the candidates to maintain certain standards of transparency and accountability which include open budgets, citizens’ participation and public access.

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Social Action Commends Delta State for Choosing the Path of Transparency.


The Social Action Open Budget cluster has commended the government of Delta state for takings steps towards greater transparency and accountability in its fiscal processes. The commendation was made during a courtesy call on the Delta state Commissioner for Economic Planning Dr. Kingsley Emu for responding to Social Action’s demand for Open Budget and accessible budgets. Following sustained campaigns including Freedom of Information requests, the Delta state government in August 2016 became open with the state budget and placed it on the state official website.

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Social Action Engages Delta State on Open Budgets


On the 31st of August 2016, Social Action’s Open Budget Cluster carried out a Citizens’ –Government Roundtable meeting on Open Budgets. The event aimed at ensuring that state annual budgets are open and available to citizens. This accessibility of state budgets will kick-start other forms of citizens’ engagement which will lead to more participatory and prudent fiscal practices.

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Stakeholders that include Trade groups, Chambers of Commerce, Civil Societies and Labour organizations have critically faulted the European Union promoted Economic Partnership Agreement, EPA, describing it as counter-productive to the interest of a country such as Nigeria. They said the trade agreement which imposes pressing and extensive import liberalization on participating countries before ever their supply capabilities have been built or strengthened will be injurious to them.

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Social Action Event at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Montreal:CLIMATE JUSTICE NOT CARBON COLONIALISM!


This discussion workshop is organized by Social Action in collaboration with Development and Peace -Caritas Canada, Kairos, Indigenous Environmental Network and other groups. The workshop will offer a multidimensional view of the carbon market. Apart from examining the outcomes the Clean Development (CDM), Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) and regional carbon markets such as the Western Climate Initiative, participants will propose just and sustainable alternatives to the current failed system. Read More

State Budgets Should Not Be Treated As Secret Documents: Being a Press Statement Released by Social Action, Niger Delta Citizens and Budget Platform and Partners


It is worrying that at the sixth month of the fiscal year, Rivers state, Akwa Ibom state, Bayelsa state and Delta state have not deemed it appropriate to make copies of their annual budgets available on the state official websites or otherwise for public access. This is the high point of a tradition of executive and legislative secrecy which has become common practice in the aforementioned states.

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The Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, NEITI, has been identified as a veritable instrument for human development. To this end, the body has advocated for collaboration and support to meet this purpose.
Executive Secretary of NEITI, Mr Adio Waziri made this remark when he received in audience a delegation from the Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action), which paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja.

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