Banished for Oil:The untold tory of Environmental Exiles of Ogoniland


BANISHED FOR OIL: The Untold Stories of Environmental Exiles of Ogoniland exposes ongoing displacement and forced migration resulting from oil pollution in Ogoniland. The report presents the untold stories of the members of Bue-Leh and Busuu communities in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Niger Delta region of Nigeria who have all deserted their homes for almost a decade following oil spills, explosions and fires from installations of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC).

With the clean-up of Ogoniland as recommended by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) yet to commence, Social Action is publishing this story to raise awareness about the worsening state of Ogoni environment and the need for immediate actions from the government and all responsible parties to address the clean-up of the environment and the resettlement and compensation of displaced community members.  Read Full Report

Crude Business : Oil Theft, Communities and Poverty in Nigeria.


Based on field investigations in Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States, this report by Social Action presents the cases of illegal artisanal refineries in the Niger Delta as a more recent manifestation of the historical problem of oil theft in Nigeria, which includes the looting of public revenues from the petroleum industry. The report shows that oil theft and the artisanal refining that it enables, are twin threats to legitimate civic engagement, environmental sustainability, and the physical health and livelihoods of its operators and the people living in the Niger Delta communities. With billions of dollars in lost public revenues, crude oil theft adversely affects the socio-economic well-being of the majority of Nigerians who still live in poverty and destitution. The report highlights the need to improve the governance of natural resources and makes concrete recommendations for the government, civil society groups and affected communities. Read full report

OVERCOMING NIGERIA’S ENERGY CRISIS: Towards Effective Utilisation of Associated Gas and Renewable Energy Resources in the Niger Delta.


This Social Action Briefing addresses issues of poor energy access for communities amidst routine  gas flaring by oil companies that operate in joint venture with the Nigerian government. With Nigeria flaring more gas than any other country in the world, there is avoidable wastage of energy resources in addition to contributing to local pollution and climate change.

This briefing provides an understanding of Nigeria’s energy policy with an emphasis on identifying options for utilising associated gas and renewable energy resources. It show how readily available energy resources can be utilised towards addressing the needs of Nigerian citizens. Read Full Report