Citizens Budget

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Citizens Budget

Alone coordinates the Nigerian Citizens Budget Hub, which is a platform for budget advocacy and citizens participation in analysis public budgets and monitoring of expenditures of the federal, state and local governments. Our aim is to promote citizens participation in the anti-corruption efforts at the national and sub-national levels through training, public advocacy and the creation of a network of Community Budget Advocates Committees in Nigeria. Our projects are built on the experiences of Alone from coordinating the citizens’ platforms since 2007.


Through our work on public budgets, we contribute to amplifying the voices of citizens and the marginalised majority of Nigerians that yearn for a platform to air their opinion about pressing topical issues on the economy, politics and state building.

Nigeria is still grappling to free itself from the warp of the colonial experience and military rule mentality. Political leaders still live by the mantra of ‘winner takes it all’, behaving as lords to be worshipped by citizens. By creating knowledge of budget issues, we contribute to raising consciousness, and the impetus to stand against aberrations in governance. The people have to stand up to demand accountability from their public SERVANTS and elected representatives. We create platforms for lawful action by citizens against corrupt practices of public office holders.

Budget Analysis and Monitoring
We critically and objectively analyse the appropriation bills of the federal, state and local governments, when such documents are made available.

Our staff and network of civil society partners and community volunteers regularly monitor how projects stipulated in the budgets are implemented. The findings are regularly published in the form of reports and briefings. Our reports with verifiable data contribute to creating public awareness and evoking the consciousness of the people to ask the salient questions and demanding the required answers from officials.

Addressing Poverty and Violence
Through our work on public budgets, we address poverty and violence which are caused by mismanagement of public resources and contribute to promoting democratic culture in the different regions by ensuring that community members and civil society actors are empowered to make input into budget development and to monitor budget expenditures.

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