Civil Rights Council of Nigeria Strongly Condemns Tragic Killing of Two-Year-Old Boy by NDLEA Officers; Demands Swift Justice

In a stern stance against the heart-wrenching incident involving the untimely demise of a two-year-old boy at the hands of NDLEA officers in the vicinity of Sweet Spirit, Okpanam road, Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria, the Civil Rights Council of Nigeria has issued a resounding call for accountability.

This resolute stance was communicated through a solemn and poignant Press Release, wherein the organization vehemently demanded that those responsible for this grievous act must be held accountable. The innocent child’s life was tragically cut short, and the Council asserts that justice must be served, undeterred by any external influences.

The Press Release underscored the organization’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that the memory of the young boy is honored through a fair and thorough investigation, leading to the prosecution of the guilty parties. The Civil Rights Council of Nigeria implored all pertinent agencies to demonstrate an unflinching dedication to upholding the principles of justice and to ensure that the legal process remains untainted.

During the press briefing, Comrade Joy Edigbine, the spokesperson for the Council, expressed the organization’s resolute determination to pursue the case to its most just and conclusive end. Her impassioned words echoed the sentiment of an entire nation, rallying behind the pursuit of justice for the innocent child who was cruelly robbed of his future.

As a gesture of heartfelt empathy, Comrade Joy Edigbine also conveyed the Council’s deepest condolences to the grieving family of the deceased young boy. In a tragic turn of events, the boy’s younger sibling currently remains hospitalized, bravely battling the wounds inflicted by the same incident.

The Civil Rights Council of Nigeria’s unwavering call for justice resonates far beyond the confines of a press release, becoming a rallying cry for an entire nation. In the face of this heartrending tragedy, the Council stands as a steadfast advocate for accountability, ensuring that the perpetrators of this heinous act do not escape the grasp of justice. The call for justice remains unyielding, an embodiment of the collective demand for a fair and equitable society.”