Resource Justice

Empowering Climate Action: Voices from the Nigeria Resource Justice Conference 2023

Contributions by selected Participants at the Nigeria Resource Justice Conference 2023

If Nigeria is to benefit from loss and damage, how do we do that? I think it is critical for civil societies to begin documenting climate change and its impact on human rights. Understanding how human rights have been affected by climate change would provide insight into how to approach these issues. Without data illustrating the impact of climate change on people’s enjoyment of fundamental human rights, progress in this area may be limited.

The environment gives us a lot, and that is why the issue of localizing is very, very critical. To address climate change fundamentally, we must localize our actions. Let’s return to our local practices and engage with them. While incorporating elements from the international arena or the experiences of others is acceptable, we must also consider our indigenous knowledge and build on how our forefathers managed.

My main message revolves around gender-responsive policies. The key statement from the environment minister highlighting that climate change is a breeding ground for terrorism is noteworthy.

Planning agricultural development in Nigeria must consider how to prevent and mitigate flooding. This involves securing the production, transportation, and consumption of food, as well as the market for food. This holistic approach is the only way to make climate action a reality for us. Thank you very much.

I want to end by advocating that in our responses, we should be specific, considering the different contexts. What is happening is not different from what is happening in the South and so on. I want to draw attention to the issue of genetically modified food. Currently, in Maiduguri, there is a perception that a significant number of deaths are attributed to organ failure, possibly from foods received through humanitarian support.

In commitment, it is about engaging your community, sharing information, and educating people. I am hopeful that in the next 365 days, we will see a bit of change.