Citizens Budget

The Niger Delta Citizens and Budget Platform is a collaboration of Civil Society organisations, including NGOs and community groups that promotes mass mobilisation to combat corruption in public offices in the states and local government councils of the Niger Delta, and to support community participation in budget development and monitoring.

The platform will be addressing poverty and violence as well as contributing to promoting democratic culture in the region by ensuring that community members and civil society actors are empowered to make input into budget development and monitor budget expenditures.

Development Research

Through our Development research work, we ensuring that advocacy agendas and development priorities are informed by knowledge of the changing local context.

We Create framework for research collaboration to examine immediate developments (politics, policies, practices and institutions) related to natural resources regime that could inform social and environmental impacts, as a way of identifying research and advocacy needs.

Climate Justice

Our work on Climate Justice is to encourage the integration of community rights in the development and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation schemes in Nigeria.

We work to Promoting community oriented and sustainable alternatives for climate change mitigation in Nigeria.
We Contribute to improving the capacity of communities to provide information about climate change impacts and strengthening adaptive capacity.

Economic Justice

Under our Economic Justice Programme, we examine economic policies of federal and state governments and identify major transformations that are needed to ensure inclusive growth, protection of livelihoods, and to secure citizens’ access to resources and social services.

We work to ensure that federal and state governments reduce and properly manage public debts to protect future generations from repayment burden.

We collaborate to ensure more Nigerian civil society organisations are involved in campaigning for economic policies and agreements that ensures people’s rights to produce goods and services and earn reasonable livelihoods from their labour and investments.

Popular Education

Our popular Education programme is designed to raise popular consciousness and participation through collaborative learning, mobilisation and solidarity for communities and activists working for environmental justice, democracy and social change in Nigeria.

We Develop and disseminate ideas and learning tools that connect local concerns to underlying causes and actionable solutions.

We facilitate communication and interaction between community activists, NGOs and the Nigerian pro-democracy community, and with African and global movements.

Resource Justice

Through our Resource Justice programme we work to Improve natural resource regime in which the rights, livelihoods and environment of host communities are protected while the broader Nigerian population benefits from mining, oil and gas.

We work to Improve knowledge of community impacts of solid mineral extractions as well as building nationwide linkages and networks with petroleum issues and policies in Nigeria and
improve community participation in the natural resource regime through strengthened Community Advocacy Centres.
We Popularize the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) and ideas of Resource Democracy.
We help Improve the understanding of the impacts of local content development policies in the petroleum sector.
We work to ensure the enactment of an effective and efficient Petroleum Industries Bill (PIB) in Nigeria that considers human and environmental rights concerns of host communities and other Nigerians. We also Work with communities to protect livelihoods through mitigating adverse environmental impacts of oil and gas extraction.