EIA Report: Compromise of Community Rights

The Brass Liquefied Natural Gas (Brass LNG) project is one of many ventures intended to harness Nigeria’s abundant natural gas reserves in the Niger Delta region of the country. With projections for an increase in global demand for natural gas, the Brass LNG, and similar projects, promise significant revenues for the government and huge profits for corporate promoters. Host communities of the Brass LNG also hope that the project will bring ‘development’ to areas that have borne negative impacts of over fifty years of oil and gas exploitation. Read Full Report

OVERCOMING NIGERIA’S ENERGY CRISIS: Towards Effective Utilisation of Associated Gas and Renewable Energy Resources in the Niger Delta.

This Social Action Briefing addresses issues of poor energy access for communities amidst routine  gas flaring by oil companies that operate in joint venture with the Nigerian government. With Nigeria flaring more gas than any other country in the world, there is avoidable wastage of energy resources in addition to contributing to local pollution and climate change.

This briefing provides an understanding of Nigeria’s energy policy with an emphasis on identifying options for utilising associated gas and renewable energy resources. It show how readily available energy resources can be utilised towards addressing the needs of Nigerian citizens. Read Full Report

Leaving The Debt

Nigeria’s External Borrowing And The Call For Moratorium

By Ken Henshaw, Social Action

This Social Action Briefing highlights Nigeria’s previous slide into external indebtedness and serves to support the call on Nigerian citizens to act towards preventing the unconscionable re-acquisition of a burden that would hinderthe opportunities of national progress for present and future generations. Read Full Report