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Violation of Citizens Rights by men of Nigeria Police Force- Civil Rights Council Demands Investigation

The Civil Rights Council, Delta State unit, has called on the Commissioner of Police, Delta State, and the Inspector General of Police to launch an investigation into the actions of some police officers in the Delta State command that led to human rights abuses and the violation of the rights of peaceful citizens of Delta State who were engaged in a peaceful gathering.

The call became necessary as the peaceful atmosphere of Oteri community in Delta State, Nigeria was disrupted on March 9th, 2024, when members of the Nigeria Police Force from the Ughelli Area Command descended upon its resident’s firing shots. The incident unfolded amidst a peaceful protest, predominantly led by women from the community, who were expressing their grievances regarding alleged misconduct by the local police command.

According to sources from the Civil Rights Council, the women were protesting what they tagged as repeated instances of misconduct by police officers, which have unfortunately become increasingly common. Their complaint is not alien as there has been records of physical abuse and even fatal misfiring by police officers over the years have tarnished the reputation of the Police Force and exacerbated tensions between citizens and law enforcement.

Victim of indiscriminate shooting by men of the Nigerian Police Force Delta State

The women were on their way to voice their complaints at the palace when the situation took a violent turn. Civil Rights Coordinator, Miss Joy Edigbine, reported that numerous women sustained injuries while attempting to flee the scene as the situation escalated. Among the injured were Miss Valentine Adomi, Mama Harvest Ugbuwiako, Edith Itive, Akaeze Joy, Loveth Brown-Tate, and Mr. Lucky Philip, who were receiving treatment at the Central Hospital Ughelli. They were allegedly being fired upon by policemen attached to the Ughelli Area Command.

Miss Edigbine, speaking on behalf of the Civil Rights Council, urged the Inspector General of Police to launch a thorough investigation into the actions of the officers involved and ensure they face appropriate legal consequences. Such accountability, she stressed, would serve as a deterrent to others who abuse their authority and help curb further injustices.

Similarly, the Asaba unit coordinator, addressing the press, condemned the unwarranted attack, emphasizing that it violated the ethical standards expected of the Nigerian Police. She asserted that no circumstance justified the use of force against unarmed community members, highlighting that living in fear due to police actions is detrimental to the well-being of the citizens