Citizens turn out for screening as Edo State sets up 10 screening centres

With the number of confirmed cases of persons infected with coronavirus rising in Edo State, the State Government had to rise up to the occasion as it set up 10 screening centres for citizens of the State. These centres are spread across Oredo Local Government Area of the State as a pilot phase to actualise the government’s target of testing 500,000 persons. In her bid to monitor and ascertain the operations of the centers, Edo Civil Societies Organisations, EDOCSO (a partner with Alone in Edo State) set up a special adhoc team, headed by Omobude Agho.

Edo pix1

Citizens taking advantage of one of the COVID-19 Screening Centres in Edo State

In the fact-finding mission embarked by EDOCSO, it was observed that, many Edo people are turning up for the screening exercise to ascertain their status. The procedures involve basic medical analysis to determine possible affected person for onward referral or otherwise. This is a measure put in place by the state government to mitigate against the spread of the deadly virus in the state. Members of the monitoring team also submitted themselves for the screening process in the course of the activity while the monitoring continued.