Alone’s partners EDOCSO inspects second batch of Edo State Government food bank supply in Edo South

Alone’s partners in Edo State, the EDOCSO, on 5th May, 2020, carried out inspection of the second batch of food bank supply in Edo South, earmarked by the State Government to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the people of the state.

In line with its mandates to promote good governance, social justice and human rights, the network embarked on another round of inspection of the second batch of food bank delivery of Edo state government to Edo South. The network has been at the forefront of monitoring the supply and distribution of relief materials in the 192 wards of the state with reports of inconsistencies in some instances during the first batch distribution.

Edo 3

Edo State Relief Warehouse which serves as one of the food banks in the state


The state government had ordered a partial shutdown of the state as a measure to contain the further spread of the Coronavirus and decided to supply food items to the very poor and vulnerable in the society in extenuating the economic effect the shutdown would cause. While speaking at one of the food banks, Leftist Agho enjoined the state government to ensure that the relief materials truly gets to the people they are meant for as a departure from the experience in the first batch. He emphasized that EDOCSO has positioned her members across the state to monitor every movement of the materials in order to avoid orchestrated diversion which shall be exposed at the shortest prompting. These materials are mostly going to be distributed through the religious network, particularly the Moslem faithful in this month of Ramadan.

Food materials procured by the State Government waiting to be distributed in the second batch of palliatives

In spite of the partial shutdown of the state which has affected majority of the businesses in the state, the number of affected victims still keeps going up, howbeit, slowly and steadily. Some persons have suggested a total shutdown if they ever hoped to successfully contain the rise and flatten the curve.