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Exploring the Advancement of the NDDC Projects in the Niger Delta : Strategies for Sustainable Development


The Niger Delta Development Commission was established to address economic and social issues in the Niger Delta region, by implementing and executing value proven projects capable of tackling the specific needs of the populace in region. Unfortunately, there has been records of execution irregularities and project manipulation which has led to a plethora of abandoned NDDC Projects. However bleak the realities of the execution of NDDC projects may seem, the focus on demanding accountability and transparency from the NDDC remains a priority and as such, strategies to advance the NDDC projects need to be discussed to boost sustainable development in the Niger Delta region.

The recent ongoing radio program on the Voice of Nigeria, taken place on the 9th November, 2023 featured a seasoned political economist, Mr Adefolarin Olamilekan, to discuss on the topic “Exploring the advancement of NDDC projects in the Niger Delta: Strategies for Sustainable Development”.

            Mr Adefolarin Olamilekan, political economist.

The dialogue proceeded with our guest speaker emphasizing the need for NDDC to undergo a total reform and overhaul to weed out unnecessary practices and strengthen the management system to tackle issues of concern to the people of Niger Delta. In the interest of accountability and transparency, NDDC is charged to provide updates on ongoing projects to the entire country while engaging the people of the Niger Delta into the implementation of the projects. In furtherance of sustainability development of NDDC projects, the NDDC must consider more effective open-door policies that would negate segregation by class of educational standing, but embrace diversity across all levels and classes in Nigeria. This would undoubtedly project a transparent view of the NDDC and earn the trust of the people. The progress of this would reiterate an effortless community participation that would enable the people’s involvement in matters that concern them to direct the NDDC on specific areas of interest and lack. Not only would this guide the NDDC on matters of actual importance, but would save exorbitant costs that would otherwise have been budgeted to the execution of random projects of no real value to the people.

Mr Olamilekan added that to achieve utmost transparency and accountability, collaborative efforts between all media platforms and the NDDC must be established in order to strengthen outreach programs, social investment in the Niger Delta people in terms of employment and skill acquisition programs should include the elderly, pregnant women and young girls in order to really encapsulate inclusivity and diversity.

Our guest concluded by encouraging the practice of integrity to be at the heart of all NDDC dealings, since this would translate to a system of accountability and transparency for sustainable growth of the Niger Delta region and the entire country.