Climate Justice, Environmental Justice

Adaptation, Climate Finance, and Loss & Damage

The second panel session at the National Resource Justice Conference with the theme: THEME: Beyond COP 28: Localizing Climate Solutions for Nigeria’s Resilience

The second panel session of the Nigeria Resource Justice Conference 2023, explores the theme “Adaptation, Climate Finance, and Loss & Damage.” Moderated by Dr. Nafisa Bukar Tijjani, this session promises an in-depth examination of strategies for climate adaptation, financial mechanisms, and addressing the critical issues of loss and damage. Key components of this discussion include:

The panel session on “Adaptation, Climate Finance, and Loss & Damage” will explore critical aspects of climate resilience and sustainability in the context of Nigeria. Moderated by Dr. Jubril Adeojo, the session will deliberate on practical adaptive measures, emphasizing the importance of resilience-building at both community and national levels. The discussion is expected to provide valuable perspectives on climate finance, discussing innovative models, international collaborations, and the role of the private sector in funding crucial adaptation projects. It will seek to address the pressing issue of loss and damage due to climate change, highlighting challenges faced by communities and proposing potential solutions.

The panelists are anticipated to bring their vast wealth of experience to shed light on the significance of inclusive climate policies and how policy frameworks can ensure that adaptation efforts and financial mechanisms benefit all segments of society, particularly vulnerable communities. The session will also delve into the importance of international collaboration, discussing global partnerships, knowledge sharing, and technology transfer to enhance Nigeria’s adaptive capacity and reduce vulnerability. Together, these discussions aim to contribute to a comprehensive approach to climate resilience that considers the diverse challenges and opportunities within Nigeria.

The panel session will be moderated by Dr. Nafisa Bukar Tijjani, with the following panelists in attendance physically and remotely.

  • Dr. Jubril Adeojo
  • Dr. Ibrahim Umara
  • Paul Stevers
  • Dr Mariam Mas

Participants can look forward to a comprehensive exploration of these interconnected themes, providing a holistic understanding of adaptation, climate finance, and loss & damage. The insights shared by the esteemed panelists aim to contribute to the development of effective strategies that align with Nigeria’s unique challenges and aspirations in the face of a changing climate.