Climate Justice, Environmental Justice

Climate Change Challenges: Mitigation and Just Transition

A Panel Session (1) at the Nigeria Resources Justice Conference 2023

The Nigeria Resource Justice Conference 2023 will be holding three-panel sessions. The first one with the theme, Mitigation and Just Transition, is a topic of paramount importance in the face of global climate challenges. Mitigation and Just Transition represent a balanced approach to addressing climate change. Mitigation strategies work to reduce the root causes of climate change, while a Just Transition ensures that the burdens and benefits of these changes are distributed equitably. This dual focus not only contributes to the global effort to combat climate change but also promotes social justice and inclusivity in the process as it relates to the specific situation in Nigeria, recognizing that environmental sustainability and societal well-being are interconnected goals
Chaired by Dr. Louis Ogbeifun, our esteemed speakers – Akinbode Olufemi, Tengi Gorge-Ikoli, Prof. Abubarkar Mongunu, and Mr. Chris Nwodo – will reconnoitre into strategies for sustainable development, climate mitigation, and a just transition.
Join us in exploring how these solutions can positively impact Nigeria’s resilience and benefit communities nationwide. This discussion aims to address key aspects of climate change adaptation and mitigation, specifically tailored to Nigeria’s unique socio-economic and environmental context.