Climate Justice, Environmental Justice

Localizing Climate Solutions for Nigeria’s Resilience: The Role of the Civil Society

The second panel session at the National Resource Justice Conference with the theme: Beyond COP 28: Localizing Climate Solutions for Nigeria’s Resilience

Moderated by Mrs. Faith Nwadishi, this session will feature insightful perspectives from the following participants:

The panellists are expected to share their expertise and experiences regarding civil society’s involvement in climate change initiatives. Their insights may focus on grassroots engagement, advocacy strategies, and the impact of community-driven efforts in combating climate change in the Gulf of Guinea and particularly Nigeria. This will bring valuable perspectives on the role of civil society in advocating for policy changes, raising awareness, and mobilizing communities.

The session will also provide insights into the international dimension of civil society’s role in addressing climate change. This may include discussions on collaboration between civil society organizations in Nigeria and the impact of global partnerships on climate action.

They are anticipated to offer insights into the intersection of climate change and social justice. Their contributions may focus on how civil society can address environmental issues in tandem with promoting equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

The session aims to highlight the indispensable role that civil society plays in driving positive change and fostering a collective response to the challenges of climate change. It is an opportunity to explore the diverse ways in which civil society organizations contribute to building a more sustainable and resilient future.

The other members of the panel are

• Hajia Yabawa Kolo

• Jaye Gaskia

• Amb. Shehu Ahmed

• Ezenwa Nwagwu